Truth in Obedience

The Blessed Virgin Mary embodies the loving obedience. Jesus Christ, the God-man, embodies the loving Truth. In Mary’s body, Truth takes flesh. Truth and obedience (Intellect and will) touch and form the God-man, Jesus Christ.

Mary was immaculately conceived for this purpose. Her flesh is immaculate – without the stain of disobedience, that is, the stain of Original Sin.

And so we, too, before receiving the Lord in Holy Communion, should strive to be like Mary, that is, without sin on our soul. We should at least examine our consciences, discover our recent faults and habits, and apologize or repent of our habits. If greater than a venial sin, we must confess it in sacramental confession. Though less perfect with venial sin on our soul, Truth, when received with a contrite and sorrowful heart, will wash away even venial sin from the soul.

How can Truth take root and bloom in our souls if we do not prepare ourselves to receive Him? Truth does not take root in disobedience. No. This can not be. Truth may brush at our souls laden with sin, but not take root because the soul is not yet suitable for the Lord.

Follow Mary’s example. Truth and obedience meet and embrace and hold on to each other. And we bear fruit.


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