Monthly Archives: May 2019

Money or Love

Money and things

are not love.

Love is much more

Relational and spiritual;

Love is much less

Isolated and material.

Love communicates;

It is free and abundant;

It is not exhausted.

Money is spent;

It is contingent and scarce;

It is oft exhausted.

Love is uncreated;

It’s source is holy God.

Money is created;

It’s source is fallen man.

Intense desire for true love

Is well-directed and virtuous.

Intense desire for money

Is mis-directed and vicious.

To be hated

For lack of money and things;

To be sought

For glut of money and things;

How miserable a life can be.

To be loved

For joy of virtue and communion;

To be sought

For sharing gifts of consolation;

How pleasing a life can be.

Without money

I will never lose Love.

Without Love

Money cannot help me.