Monthly Archives: February 2013

Jesus Heals His Bride, the Church

My friends, do not despair at what is happening in the Church today. The Lord, Jesus Christ, the Master, the Bridegroom loves His Bride and heals her. She is dizzy, but He is tending her. She is weakened by the sin of some, and her enemy is assaulting her when she is down, but Christ is stronger, and she is Christ’s, and nothing will prevail over her; she is being healed.

I Saw Jesus’ Face

holyfacejesusThe Lord Jesus Christ is close to us – waiting for us to call upon Him. Last night, I woke up and remembered that I wanted to go to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass this morning especially since it is Friday. Soon after, I began to experience a terrible temptation. I called on Jesus to help me, because I felt too weak to blot out the images that seemed to be forced into my mind. I called again and then I saw His Face. He showed me His Face. At once, the temptation subsided, and I saw Him. He was stern-looking at first, but then smiled and was very pleasant. He has long brown hair, a closely-trimmed beard and mustache, young, and perfect – with wonderful, comforting eyes which are unique in all of the world. I am thankful for this gift. Somehow He is very close, yet hidden. He is near, yet far, and approaching.