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When Spiritual Souls Atrophy

Those who exercise their spiritual soul in prayer to God, in the obedience of worship and the sacramental life, and in right action will be able to understand better the “technology” of the spiritual life.

If we do not exercise the spiritual soul, if we do not faithfully and deliberately open our souls to God and His protecting presence, then our spiritual souls may very well atrophy like unused muscles.  

Our atrophied spiritual soul becomes like a dried wine skin which, when tested, cracks and leaks, being unfit and unable to hold the richness of God’s life-giving presence, and letting in the decay of parasitic, life-killing presence which weakens the soul, making it look more like the parasite which feeds upon it.  [ See Luke 5:33-39 for context ]

  • The praying soul is the healthy, healing, living soul.  God is allowed in to give it life and to sustain that life.  Think of wine which continually renews the wine skin which holds it.  The skin becomes like the good, new wine it bears.
  • The God-less soul is the sick, rotting, dying soul.  God is prevented from entering in.  Think of a wine skin which is dry and cracked where water, mold and mildew enter to eat the skin, and the skin looks like mold.

The atheists will not understand this until that day when they are on the verge of spiritual decimation, when God intervenes to offer to save what is left before it is too late – an intervention required and allowed when the spiritual soul is too weak, too damaged to help itself.

This is the spiritual soul of the one lost lamb who ran away from the Good Shepherd, but who fell into the crevasse, and after much time without food and with broken legs, could not help itself.  The Good Shepherd did not do this.  No.  The rebellious little lamb ran away. [See John 10 for context]

The fate of the lamb rests in the willingness of the lamb to be saved. 

 May all such lost lambs set aside pride and anger and say, “Yes” to true Love, even if it hurts to be healed.  

Return Prodigal Children

Divine Mercy TOR_April 2013

This Divine Mercy statue belongs to the Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother and was installed on the feast of Bl. John Paul II, October 22, 2011. They have a special devotion to Divine Mercy and St. Faustina.

My dear brethren who have left the Catholic Church: When you were a child, you left the Church with the fullness of pride. Now, please return in the emptiness of your humility that you may be filled once again with the rich Grace of Jesus Christ from His Font of Mercy. For His Divine Mercy endures forever for those who love Him through obedience to Him, Who is All Love for you.

My dear brethren who have not yet entered the Catholic Church: The Father calls you to His humble kingdom of everlasting truth and salvific hope. For His Divine Mercy endures forever for those who seek Him in truth and who yearn to love Him in their obedience to His Divine Will, Which is All Love for you.