Monthly Archives: September 2016

God Achieves Peace By Healing the Miserable Blind

When God requires something to happen, He achieves his purpose. And so peace will come, but it will be so in accordance with the Will of the One who knows everything, not the will of those who know nothing.  
Justice and mercy will kiss, and then kindness will flourish in the land.  
But, justice means uncovering the eyes of the miserable blind so that they can see goodness in others, and then know the errors of their own ways.  
This is the treatment for the ones who see the splinter in everyone else’s eyes but not the huge log in their own eyes.  
This is the treatment for those who forsake God and his helping grace, and run the streets in fear of others who they perceive to be without virtue, like themselves.  
They say, “If I am bad, they are bad.” This is because their selfishness turns them inward to see the world through the lens of their own sickness.
What if people had the grace of Jesus Christ working in their souls? Then, they could be healed and see the world through the lens of Jesus Christ, the lens of “healed,” the lens of humble love, the lens of hope, the lens of “you are good,” the lens of “we are one, together,” the lens of “eternal family,” the lens of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” the lens of “judge not, lest ye be judged.”