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Beauty of Spiritual Motherhood

Sr Tracey 12 Jan 14

Sister Tracey of the Daughters of St. Paul.

The barren has borne seven,
but she who has many children is forlorn.

~ 1 Samuel 2:5, RSV Holy Bible

Growing up, I found that my Godmother had such a powerful effect on me.  She, a woman of faith, smiled at me and she listened to me, and that was the love that I needed.  She was a good Godmother.

Likewise, religious sisters like Sister Tracey and Sister Julia of the Daughters of St. Paul offer such wonderful kindness and care, loving and serving as the Lord loves and serves.  Who would not want such a Godmother?

The little baby succumbs to Sister Julia's tender care.

The little baby succumbs to Sister Julia’s tender care.

Be Reconciled to the Lord – the Sacrament of Healing

Be reconciled to Me. I love you. Sin no more.
Be reconciled to Me. I love you. Sin no more.

Come to Me.  Be one with Me again.  Touch My Holy Wounds and place your sins inside my Holy Wounds and be healed.

When we sin, it is as if Christ’s wounds open anew for us.  His Precious Blood heals, but we are distant – far from His reach and are not healed.  We must approach Him, face His Holy Wounds and our own wounds in the Sacrament of Reconciliation in order to be healed.


Come to Me. Place your sins inside my Holy Wounds and be healed.

When we sin, we should relate that sin to those wounds inflicted upon Jesus Christ and take full responsibility for our actions. If there is no greater love and compassion than that Love and Compassion which come from your Lord in His Forgiveness, then consider just how tender and sensitive your Lord, our Living Sacrifice, is to your sins. Do you think He does not notice? Do you think He is not wounded? Do you think YOU are not wounded by your own sins? Consider that when you yell at your spouse (or best friend), your spouse is emotionally wounded. And now overlay your spouse (or best friend) onto your Lord whose capacity for love and compassion are even greater. Is not your relationship with your Lord personal and intimate? Then, if it is, go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and say you’re sorry, be reconciled and commit to never committing the sin again.


Your contrition and compassion are like a perfumed ointment on My Holy Wounds.

Doing so will be like a soothing and perfumed ointment upon His Most Holy Wounds and, as a result, your own wounds. “I did this to my spouse. In doing so, I did this to You, my Lord, Who are all good and loving. I’m sorry. Heal my shame. Heal my sorrow. I love you. Let me anoint your Wounds. Let us be reconciled in love that I may be open again to your Love and then love truly as You love.”

Kiss the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus


Kiss the Wound of His Most Sacred Heart

If you rely upon the Lord’s great Mercy in His Most Sacred Heart, then desire ardently to heal the Wound of His Heart.  Heal His Sacred Heart through your love and obedience and affectionate response to His merciful Love.  Consider Him often in all that you do, and kiss the Scar of His Sacred Heart, this kiss bringing Him delight and giving you knowledge of His delight in your affection and true gratitude for His Infinite Love for you.  Amen.