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In Spiritual Darkness?

It is very easy to fall into spiritual darkness. Why do we experience this? The darkness comes when we are separated from God. What separates us? Well, Original Sin weakens us in the beginning (we all have it) and then personal sin (that we commit through our own fault) increases our separation and hardens our hearts. When sweetness no longer reigns in our hearts, we become coarse with foul language, gossip, pride, selfishness, lustfulness and the like. It is like having a really bad case of bad breath in the heart – our heart becomes foul and moldy.

Prayer (response to God’s calling us) and repentance (willingness and desire to grow closer to God through obedience to His Love) is what helps bring us out of spiritual darkness.  If we turn to Him and extend our hand even with the slightest sincerity, He will help.  All is HOPE in God.

But we must persevere in this way.  Like an athelete, when we persevere, we finish the race.  Finishing is winning no matter who is first.

And in persevering, we should make use of all of the sacraments which the Church provides us to help us to salvation.  We’re never alone unless we choose to be alone.