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Nurture the Child Jesus in Your Soul

As we approach Advent and Christmas, think about what you need to do to nurture the life of Jesus in your soul. Consider the Annunciation, Visitation, Birth of Jesus, Presentation, and Finding the Child in the Temple. Open your hearts to receive this Jesus in your soul, and nurture His Life in you. Avoid sin that He May flourish in you unharmed and cause you to grow in holiness, in Him, and He in You. When your soul becomes as a proper Temple for His Presence, then you are succeeding in your love for God.

7 Rules for Achieving Married Love

For all of the young people. Remember that you must build upon these rules – they do not all come at once. It takes time. Have faith in God and He will help build your marriage into one which results in Holy Love. These came to me sometime in 2007 or 2008:

1) Patience: Are you patient with your spouse?
2) Commitment: Are you able to be reponsible to your spouse?
3) Compromise: Are you able to be selfless with your spouse and accept his / her ways as important, necessary and therefore complementary to your ways?
4) Fidelity: Are you able to be loyal to your spouse?
5) Forgiveness: Are you able to humble yourself and treat your spouse according to his / her fragile, truly good nature?
6) Self-Sacrifice: Are you able to give yourself for the good of your family by putting your wants last and considering your family’s needs first?
7) Holy Love: Do you deeply and truly desire all that is good for your spouse and family because they are dear to you?