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Nurture the Child Jesus in Your Soul

As we approach Advent and Christmas, think about what you need to do to nurture the life of Jesus in your soul. Consider the Annunciation, Visitation, Birth of Jesus, Presentation, and Finding the Child in the Temple. Open your hearts to receive this Jesus in your soul, and nurture His Life in you. Avoid sin that He May flourish in you unharmed and cause you to grow in holiness, in Him, and He in You. When your soul becomes as a proper Temple for His Presence, then you are succeeding in your love for God.

Baptism of Jesus: Betrothal to Humanity

While praying the Mysteries of Light of the Holy Rosary on the way to work this morning, and meditating on the 1st Mystery of Light, the Baptism of the Lord in the Jordan River, I got a distinct inspiration:

Our Lord considered his Baptism as a betrothal of himself to us, in and accepting all of our misery.  In this deeply loving gesture, his Father was very, very pleased.  

What love!  What commitment!  What true integrity!

Suffer to Live!

Jesus Christ King of Joyful SufferingIn suffering to live, we love ourselves, and therefore, imitate Christ who suffered that we might live eternally with Him in Heaven.  Amen.

The LORD said, “Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.” [Gospel of Luke 14:27, NAB]

When we accept our bodily sufferings with faith and hope in the redemptive fidelity and promises of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, we offer ourselves as a sacrificial offering with that of Jesus Christ. In our struggle to live because we love our very selves, we suffer and we join our own sufferings to that of Jesus Christ crucified. In doing so, we become very good friends with Jesus Christ, becoming like Him, like spouses do over a long, loving marriage. In suffering to live, we join our selves to Jesus Who suffered that we might live forever!

Suffering is temporary; reconciliation, healing and happiness in God are eternal.

My Christian Cycle of Religious Conversion to God

Be not afraid to draw close to your Creator Who loves you and cares for you and knows what is truly good for you. If you have wandered from Him, be not afraid to turn back and be reconciled in His Peace.

In my personal experience, this is how it works for those who are wayward like lost sheep who hear the Good Shepherd, though not intelligibly, and begin the process of returning to the fold:

1. Awareness…waking up.

2. Calling…listening more to God.

3. Reorientation…getting in line with God’s Holy Will.

4. Wounding…sometimes the Doctor has to reset a broken leg to make it right again.

5. Ingratiation…God filling us with Grace.

6. Healing…God fixing our persons, body and soul.

7. Instruction…putting new wine into new wine skins.

8. Intimacy with God…getting much closer and much more personal now to God.

9. Understanding God…sort of like being married and finding the likeness of God in your spouse and visa versa.

All of the above happened and happens still gradually. We only need to be docile to this calling and embrace it. There is no rush; allow God to move you at His pace. Be open to His inspirations which He sends in the Holy Spirit, and comply lovingly and trustingly. Be not afraid to draw very close to your Creator who calls you for your own good.