Mother Mary Smiling in Me


“My dear Son, i adore you”

Yesterday, I took another Rosary walk, and I was praying the Joyful Mysteries.  For the second time in a month, when I meditated on the Presentation, I saw Mother Mary holding her infant son, Jesus.  

The first time, she was in a heavenly place, all white with a translucent, opaque, frameless sort of window behind her and standing on a multi-stepped white platform and dressed in a flowing, floor-length white gown with a light blue mantel draped over her head and flowing downward (similar to the statue in my own parish, but much more elegant and realistic).  She looked at me, and she offered the infant Jesus to me to hold in my arms.  She was trusting me with her baby Jesus.  I took Him and cuddled Him in my arms and then gave Him back to her.  This was a precious experience, not only because He is Precious, but because I have no children of my own.  Most often, when I contemplate God, especially in the Holy Spirit, I know His Preciousness…so very, very precious and sweet to my soul.  This sentiment has been foreign to me all of my life until these most recent years.


“You make me so very happy”

 The second time, yesterday, I saw Mother Mary, wearing a royal blue mantel this time, standing and holding the infant Jesus in her arms.  But, this time, she was standing next to St. Joseph I presume, and they were waiting outside the Temple in the bright sunlight.  Mother Mary was cradling and swinging Jesus back and forth in her arms while looking down at Him.  She was very happy, and the day was very bright.  And then she looked directly at me, from about 30 feet away, and she smiled at me.  It was a huge smile, and I felt this smile in my heart, and it was like a welling up of joy.  And she did it again, and I could not help but also smile and laugh in joy with her.  

If anyone saw me at that time, they would have no idea why I was laughing!  I can imagine that they would think that I might have a mental health issue; I even considered that myself – “Here I am laughing out loud spontaneously, but just walking along by myself with my dog.  I must look crazy!”

 I needed this.  How merciful and delightful this vision was for me.  May you also receive them, and more.

7 responses to “Mother Mary Smiling in Me

  1. Interesting, thank you very much for this account. I’ve been praying the rosary lately and I’ve never had a “vision”, “dream”, or “scene.” I don’t quite know how to explain your experience. However, I’ve read on Catholic answers about praying the Rosary before communion. which I just recently attempted and I could only get through a decade before it was my rows turn. During the period offering up a sorrowful mystery, my mind flashed back and forth in a stream of conscience (which is usually how my mind works, Poetry of the nature is my favorite). The image of Christ’s hand kept being nailed and every time I reached “Blessed is the fruit of your womb” I would be at the birth of Christ, witnessing her pain of childbirth. The Eucharist and the mass was thoroughly a sacrifice in my heart from my experience.

    I’d be interested to go out into nature and attempt to pray the rosary as you have done. In her autobiography, Theresa of Avila suggests to go to such locations to pray. Are you a mystic in prayer? or during this part of your life have these experiences materialized?

    • Thank you, Philip Augustine. Yes, I have experiences like this when I am out walking and praying in nature.

    • I would not be comfortable classifying myself other than to say that I try to love with my whole mind in prayer. Also, I try to live a good life, and grow in holiness, and make use of the Sacraments to try to keep my soul open to God, Mother Mary and the Saints. Being in nature helps tremendously because we are more free from distractions there. I pray for an increase in faith, hope, charity, chastity and obedience with every Rosary, praying 5 Hail Mary’s before initiating the first decade. I have not always had experiences like this, but during the time that I was received into the Church (2005), I started to communicate much more spiritually probably because my soul had been brought back to life and renewed in a special way…like someone turned on the lights at night in a football stadium, or like someone throwing the breaker switch.

    • I share these things to show others what can and does really happen, and to help increase their faith and hope and to give courage to believe and strive to find God and the heavenly where He and they are presently.

      I earnestly try not to write/post anything here unless I think that the experience is spiritual or inspired. In other words, I am not writing phantasms for personal gain. I am witnessing to others about spiritual realities in me.

      • I share my experience in comments, I think I’m not confident enough to say they are entirely spiritual experience that I encounter. However, it doesn’t mean they do not have value.

        Your words, however, have given me a bit more confidence in my own prayer.

        • Very good. Embrace your faith, and believe.

        • One thing that helped me, and I think that I have posted about the experience, is that I had a vision of Mother Mary on the night that I was received into the Church (Easter Vigil Mass). The vision sort of blew my mind – multiplied my zeal. It was a huge gift.

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