Seeing Christ the King:  The Holy Mass in my Mind

  It is a beautiful sight to see, in my mind, The Lord, Jesus Christ walking in parallel with His priest toward the Ambo during the singing of the Alleluia, but being much larger in stature than the priest and adorned in white cloth instead of green, with golden filigree and embroidery, with a crown, walking confidently, and with a slight smile as He contemplates the love He will serve in His Word.  

Likewise, it is beautiful to see the Lord, Jesus Christ coming forward in the clouds when the Sanctus is sung.  At the Epiclesis, He breathes, “Receive My Spirit – receive Me.”  In Holy Communion, there He Is to give Himself for you – smiling affectionately, “I AM truly happy that you are here.”
These images have come to me over the last several weeks during several Sunday Masses.  I am happy now to share them.  

Let us actively  engage our  hearts, minds, souls and strength at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  

Christ the King, (Russian Orthodox icon)


3 responses to “Seeing Christ the King:  The Holy Mass in my Mind

  1. “I AM truly happy that you are here.” This is extremely beautiful and I love it when you share these things with us.

    The quotation line I took out of it made me think about something. I cannot remember what Saint said this, but I think it was St. Faustina. Anyways He said, “How He holds Himself prisoner in the Tabernacle and waits for us, and we do not come.” (Not direct quote)

    So I know Francis, when we come, He is “truly glad.” What a small thing we can do to gladden our Lord’s heart, by just showing up at Mass. Showing up to greet, worship, and love Him. He does the same with us.

    Good thought provoking post! Loved it! God Bless, SR

  2. Reblogged this on MommyLove and commented:
    Nothing like Sunday morning. I’m always in tears at every Mass. Feeling God’s presence is breathtaking.

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