Reality and Reality:  Spiritual and Sensory

i attended the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass today at noon.  During the Angelus, directly before Mass began, I imagined Mother Mary sweetly encouraging me.  But then I thought all of a sudden:  “When I die, will the Mother Mary that I see in my mind become my new reality?”  

I could go into a Thomistic analysis here on the operations of the soul versus the operations of the body,  but I will spare us…

When we pray, some may have locutions; others may experience a soundless apparition of sorts…seeming so real that it invokes our emotions.

But is it actually real?  How do we know?  Think about this.  We sense reality through our bodies very well through our sensory organs.    But how do we know when we are really experiencing the spiritual with our souls, when our souls do not carry the familiar sensory organs necessary to “sense” the reality of the spiritual “intellecting” occurring in our soul?

But, I see Mother Mary smiling, and that evokes an emotion in me.  How is this?


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