God Makes Himself Small for Us

God makes us small relative to the universe, and then He makes Himself small, too, for us.

He makes Himself small in His infant birth to Mary.

He makes Himself poor in order to commune with the poor.

He is greater than the universe, yet He desires to be smaller than or as small as those persons to which He gives existence.  Why?

Who He Is absolutely demands that He conform to being small since Love draws the Lover to the Beloved that the two may experience communion on a common level, but a level which is even more intimate and deeper than even the cutest smallness.  This descent into intimacy must be infinite and fulfilling at every level of intimacy, and it is a constant descent…a constant “falling in Love.”


3 responses to “God Makes Himself Small for Us

  1. Hope Lent is rewarding and draws you closer to God.

    • Thank you. I would appreciate your prayers in that regard. I see that I missed a February blog entry. I had been drawn to write about two things that whole month but did not find the strength. But, a job transition with a new job starting Monday and a few days in between to unwind and meditate make a lot of difference. I am finding that God has me doing his works at my place of employment; He uses me as a bridge to help right what is wrong, to bring more calm, healing, and trust. But if I lose my closeness to God, I begin to lose sight of why I am there, and then the task becomes a burden, and I become self-centered and afraid. It is like St. Peter who, called to walk on water, does so at first with great faith, but then He looks away at the stormy water and begins to sink. I need to learn to stay close and keep my eyes firmly fixed on the Lord. I will look to St. Peter for intercession.

      • You’re welcome. I will pray for you and others. Merciful God let everything begins and ends with you. Amen. Say this over and over again and nothing else. Blessings.

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