Loving Bond: A Vine of Roses

Sweet blossoming of our Blessed Mother Mary

Sweet blossoming of our Blessed Mother Mary

As I walked and meditated on the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary yesterday, my heart was grateful for the wonderful gifts which God has given to me, especially in the gift of our Blessed Mother Mary.

I envisioned giving her a bouquet of roses in gratitude. She smiled joyfully. When I gave her the bouquet, the roses became like a Vine and wrapped around her hands and mine, and around our wrists.

I was embarrassed because this was too much for me. I had no choice but to stand there and gaze into Mother Mary’s eyes and be loved in her gaze; the Vine of Roses, Jesus our Lord bound us together.

6 responses to “Loving Bond: A Vine of Roses

  1. Reading this the second time around still makes me joyful.

  2. That is a wonderful vision and a gift from god. I think you had so much gratitude for our lady and your love bloomed to manifest bouquet of roses!

  3. Deborah Klinvex

    Hello, I would like to use this picture. Is there a copyright on it? Thank you!

    • I routinely check that, and I routinely do not find a copyright. There are so many copies of images in the Internet that, in my opinion, unless an image is physically marked on its face with a copyright or watermark, I can only assume that it is free for use.

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