God Works Through the Most High Motherhood of Mary

Jesus Christ elevates His Mother Mary to a most high place in His Life and ours.  For from her flesh and from her motherhood, He came into this world to heal us and to give us the Light of Love.  Also, in a way similar to how He gives us Himself from the Father, He gives us Himself through His Mother, Mary.  And so, in Mary we recognize the pure goodness of Jesus Christ ever so clearly.

"I AM all Love for you Mama."Mother Mary with Child Jesus

“I AM all Love for you Mama.”
Mother Mary with Child Jesus

In drawing close to Mary, we draw close to Jesus the Christ.  In becoming as a child of Mary, we recognize that we have already become adopted brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ in His glorified humanity where Love rules every aspect of our lives.  We find rest in her pure, joyful and grace-filled compassion and mercy.  In her smile, we see the Love and Mercy of God shining through, for she is very near to Him.  He calls us through His Mother to Himself. She says, “I take you as my baby child, for the love of God works through me, and I am all “Yes” to Him who is all Love for you and for me. I love you so very much.”But, the unfathomable Love and Beauty of God is far beyond even that which we are able to see in our Mother Mary.  Oh Loving Lord – you are the ultimate Essence of Beauty.  For you, may our hearts also resonate like Mary’s “Yes!” and be filled with JOY.

24 responses to “God Works Through the Most High Motherhood of Mary

  1. Beautiful post and the picture is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing so much wisdom regarding our Blessed Mother. Could not live without her! God Bless, SR

  2. YES! I bless and thank Mother Mary for saying this YES and bringing Jesus into this world. Blessings.

  3. What a beautiful image of Mother Mary holding baby Jesus! I am a convert, and didn’t “get” all the Mary stuff at the beginning. As I mothered my children, I began to understand. So glad Jesus gave us Mary as our mother.

    • Francis Philip

      It is a very beautiful and meaningful image. I think that the more we become like the Child Jesus, the more we “get” Mary as our Mother and the more she gets us as her children and the more we get the Father as our Father. 🙂 I am also a convert. Thank you for your motherhood. Thank you for stopping by.


    Thank you for letting me find you †

    God Bless!

  5. Francis Philip

    We pray to Mary our mother who intercedes for us with Jesus. It is just a humble way of showing deep respect for Jesus, especially when we know we are or have been sinful. Many presumptuous sinners who have opened Jesus’ Wounds over and over again presume upon Him without any care for His Wounds…thinking that He is not angry. He has all of His human nature in addition to His divine nature. He can be angry. So, maybe He’s angry with you for dismissing and disrespecting His mother as your own mother according to your adoption as siblings of Jesus? I do not know. Perhaps He is angry at you for rashly accusing me of idolatry against His own command not to judge? I do not know. I do not doubt your good intentions, but it is rash and sinful to make broad and sweeping judgments of mortal sin on a person you don’t know and who you did not bother to question before levying the charge. Please pray about it. I forgive you. Please learn from your error.

  6. Thank you for this wonderful and beautiful post about our Mother Mary! My sister who is a Protestant, often question my devotion to Mother Mary. I try to explain the special path to Jesus Christ that Mother Mary guides us, but it has not been easy to make her understand.

    • Francis Philip

      I try to avoid writing here unless I have an inspiration, something that seems to come to me that I need to share. I am glad that you like this.

  7. Dear Francis,

    I am commenting to you today in regards to an invitation to join my blog as an author/contributor. I am contact with a few other bloggers who have expressed interest, which if there are enough participants, the blog would be rebranded as a community. The idea has sprung forth from the blog “All Along the Watchtower”‘s style. However many of us Catholics are concerned with the tone of the blog has taken against the Catholic Church and have decided like good entrepreneurs to take the idea to create our own forum.

    The preliminary menu/topic would have Home/About/Current Events/Theologica/Latin:Language & Culture/Biblical History/Church History/ Book discussion hangouts

    If you’re interested, I will certainly send you an invite.

    Servus and I have been discussing these details,

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  9. Francis,

    Need your prayers and for some reason God lead me to you. I have a dear friend whose husband just had a massive stroke and they have called hospice in. Francis, if she loses him, I do not know what she will do without him. They are such a special couple to me and I love them so much. Thank you, love and God Bless, SR

    • Dear SR, I will. She will not lose him. God has him. This is a time for love and trust. Read today’s first reading where the prophet complains, having lost hope. Meditate on the Lord’s response…and believe with even a mustard seed of faith…

  10. Thank you Francis. I can always depend upon your wisdom, faith, and guidance from the Holy Spirit to get me through. I will do as you say. It has just been so many Francis throughout the past few months. Truly, I have never endured this amount of people in such a short amount of time, who have become desperately ill, or died in my whole life. Even my neighbors, as we mostly have the same friends in common, cannot believe it.

    Last week Francis, there was yet another death. A member of our community, her daughter hit her head on a cabinet. An ouch. The daughter and her husband ate supper, watched television and went to bed. Sometime during the night she got up to go to the bathroom and her husband found her dead on the bathroom floor. He is in total shock! We all are!

    Thank you again, dear friend. Love and God Bless, SR

    • I understand how it feels to have so many loved ones dying around us. It can be particularly difficult at this time, as well, when the season is changing to Fall. This has happened to all generations before us and to all generations who are with us today. We must all go through the same thing, but we have hope of becoming once more, after death, who we are meant to be in life with God in heavenly fulfillment. Yes, it is painful now, but we who are left behind temporarily can then wonder about what our loved ones must be doing now that they have transitioned to the spiritual domain. Ever wonder about that? I recall various of my departed loved ones from time to time and pray for them, and I sometimes imagine what they must be doing at this time. I lost a very dear cousin during the first week of September, and I was very sad. But, in my mind, I saw light on his face and a smile as he gazed as if experiencing the Beatific Vision. That is what came to mind – a wonderful thought. As for the young lady who died from the knock on the head, one of my childhood friends had the same thing happen. I understand the shock of such a thing. I hope you have a blessed day dear SR.

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