Why I Want Theological Virtue

And so what is the answer to the question of why I want theological virtue?

I want FAITH because faith keeps me receptive to God.
I want HOPE because hope keeps me oriented on God.
I want LOVE because love is my fulfillment in God.

And so when we pray for an increase in these theological virtues, let us not be so quick to dismiss their value when compared to other things for which you desire to pray. They are necessary if we poor humans are to have a life with God.

Now, another note about FAITH. If we know God, do we still need faith? I answer, Yes! While we no longer need faith in the existence of God, we still need faith so that we, finite creatures, will remain receptive to His infinite Goodness! We, being finite, should be in a constant posture of “Yes” to God, who is infinite, for all that we might learn to expect but do not yet know. Our heavenly bliss depends upon this.

Now, another note about HOPE. If we have found God and are with Him, do we still need hope? I answer, Yes! Even though we have found Him and are receiving from Him, we still need hope so that we stay oriented on what we have come to expect even then but which we have yet to discover in God that He desires to reveal to us!

And finally, on love. If we, having found God, and we are fully engaged happily now in His love, do we still need love? I answer, Yes! We will still need His love because we were made for His love and shall live eternally with Him enjoying His love in infintely new and fulfilling ways.

Faith: Open and simply receptive.
Hope: Focused and convincedly anticipating.
Love: Fully alive and fulfilling.
Us: Finite – needy compared to God
God: Infinite – perfectly abundant compared to us and the rest of creation.

One response to “Why I Want Theological Virtue

  1. True. If life is in the flowing moment…we have never a definite moment of stasis in faith too. Very well said

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