He Gave me a Vision of a Lady

God helps us with our faith when we need it – when we are seeking it – when it is His Will to give it.

On the night that I was received into the Catholic Church – Easter Vigil, He gave me a vision of a beautiful young lady.  She had a golden crown around her forehead with a single jewel in its center.  Over her head was a long pink chiffon which covered most of her hair.  Her eyes were closed in prayer.  Light emanating from the baptismal font glowed upon her face.  She was beautifully serene.

This vision was real.  She was really present in my mind.  I do not know yet who she was, but she is real.  It was as if I was standing with her presently.  This was a great gift.  I have never in my life had a vision like this, and it was so very real.


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